IT Fixit can provide your business with total and complete networking solutions.

We supply, install and setup servers. From small file sharing servers to complex domains with mail servers and VPN capability. We supply, install and setup the hardware and server software for your personal needs and create and manage access control and permissions. We also provide integrated onsite and off-site backup service and systems as required. These range from a portable external hard drive to multiple NAS systems, totally customised around your personal infrastructure.

We offer remote dial-up service to access files via the internet as well as remote desktop service for working from home. Safety features are setup according to your personal firewall and anti-virus requirements and we can supply third party software for these purposes.

We can manage and setup your total internet infrastructure and provide your office or home with secure internet service on LAN (local area network) or Wifi (Wireless network) networks and supply you with the required hardware devices to make your continued connection possible. We can advise you on the best service and connection options in your area, but we are not internet service providers.

Hardware and Software:
Hardware and software for networks: e.g.: server cabinets and chassis, on-line UPS, inverters, routers, WiFi repeaters and access points, LAN cables (CAT5 and CAT6) and peripheral devices can be supplied, installed, setup, maintained and managed as required and needed. All and any standard networking requirements can be supplied and managed. We do system management and maintenance on existing networks and servers and we offer various SLA options to ensure your business runs smoothly.
Please contact us to discuss how we can make your IT stress free.