IT Fixit provides your business with total and complete stress free ICT solutions so you can concentrate on managing your business.

We do sales, service maintenance and repairs to almost any IT related system and component. We truly are your one-stop IT solution.
When possible, we do repairs on-site. We value customer-trust and data security and therefore data integrity is treated with the highest regard and discretion.

IT Fixit offers our existing customers remote support when and if possible. For normal software related issues that can be resolved via remote dial-up assistance, we will gladly help. Please contact us to arrange this support service and discuss the terms and conditions.

One of the most neglected areas in the IT trade, but definitely one of the most important infrastructures is the BACKUP SYSTEM. Please ensure your backup system is sufficient, efficient, functioning properly and up to date!!!

Backup systems are employed on various levels as per customer needs and demands. Depending on the sensitivity of data information there are several security levels that can be implemented and third party software systems that can be installed. NAS (network assisted storage) and Cloud backup systems are becoming more and more popular and available. We have several different options available and can assist in setting up a custom system for your company. Contact Us now to arrange a site-visit or to speak to a consultant.

Please visit our Services Page for a complete and detailed structure of our services, sales and SLA portfolio.