IT Fixit also installs, repairs and maintain CCTV and most alarms and security systems. We install gate motors and bio-metric access systems.


IT Fixit supplies, installs and sets-up all IP, HD and Analogue CCTV systems as per request for household, industrial and corporate purposes.

We have DORI for you, and that is no fish!
Whether you need to Detect movement, Observe actions, Recognize who is doing what exactly or specifically Identify someone or some thing, we have the proper solution. We can advise and supply you with the exact proper system to help you reduce and eliminate loss and shrinkage of your company assets and valuables. Covering the total and necessary areas to give you a clear view of your premises and complete control over your staff is essential to manage your business, especially when you are not there.
We also provide complete solutions for your network if you do not have an existing network infrastructure. You may need an internet connection as well if you want to use a remote dial-up system to view your premises over the internet.

Remote Dial-up:
All our systems can be accessed remotely and viewed on your mobile devise on different operating system platforms. This is a built-in feature and will automatically be covered in every installation where an existing internet infrastructure exists. There are some terms and conditions that do apply however.
*(You will need an active sufficient internet connection and that may incur some additional fees if there is not an existing connection).

Please visit our Contact Us Page to arrange a site visit so that we can quote and advise you on the best solution for you and your property.